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The Dinosaurs Have Come Alive!

Our exciting summer-long exhibit, Dinosaur Invasion! has come alive!

This display of more than a dozen life-like animatronic dinosaurs will inhabit zoo grounds from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day at no extra cost to zoo members or with paid zoo admission. A special Palio Pass will be available for purchase that allows junior paleontologists to participate in dinosaur-related activities – look for this starting in June.

We hope you enjoy seeing lifelike, moving, roaring dinosaurs, including a huge T. Rex and Edmontonia at the Northwestern Mutual Amphitheater, a fish-eating Baryonyx in the swan pond and a long-necked Brachiosaurus towering in the trees over the Wildlife Trail. We also see this exhibit as a reminder that extinction is forever, and we hope to reinforce our conservation mission of saving endangered species with our guests throughout the summer.

We hope to see you return to the zoo often as we add events including a weekend with paleontologist “Dr. Dino” June 30 and July 1, and other fun family activities with a dinosaur theme.

Stay tuned to this website and our social media for updates on these and other summer events!

My Best,

Janet Agostini President + CEO Friends of the Zoo

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