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How to BEAT THE HEAT at the Rosamond Gifford Zoo

CNY has been experiencing a heat wave during the zoo’s Dinosaur Invasion! exhibit — and since our huge prehistoric beasts are all outdoors, we want make sure visitors know how and where to cool off on zoo grounds. Here are some tips for staying cool at the zoo:

Misting stations – The zoo has installed extra misting stations around its Wildlife Trail due to the heat advisory. Tip: Take the left fork of the trail from the courtyard to encounter the first misting station. To conserve energy, walk the trail in the direction of Penguin Coast. That way, you complete the trail on the downslope as you head to the main building.

Water-spraying dino – The fan favorite of all the dinosaurs in Dinosaur Invasion! is Dilophosaurus, which roars and sprays water in the spirit of its venom-spitting Jurassic World counterpart. Find it on the Wildlife Trail for a thrilling way to cool off.

Made in the shade – The zoo many shady areas with benches around the grounds, especially at the Wildlife Trail dinosaur exhibits. The Wildlife Trail concession stand also will be open for refreshments next to the shaded shelter at Amur tiger.

Stay hydrated – Support the zoo’s conservation mission by bringing refillable water bottles, and drink water frequently through the day. Water bottle refill stations are located at the drinking fountain next to the Jungle Café and outside the restrooms at Andean Bear. Bottled water is available for sale at all food locations and at vending machines. The Courtyard Café also makes an amazingly refreshing lemonade slushie.

Soak up some A/C – The Jungle Café and its indoor seating area are always open and always air-conditioned throughout the summer. The café also sells Dippin’ Dots, ice cream treats and slushies as a sweet way to cool down. Continue to support the zoo’s conservation mission by shopping at the (nice cool) Curious Cub Gift Shop on your way out.

Mine some gems – The zoo plans to have its EarthWorks! Mining sluice open – and nearby mister operating – for the weekend, depending on the heat index for staff. The zoo has decided not to open the Octomaze bounce house this weekend due to the high temperatures.

Be prepared – Dress for the heat in lightweight, moisture-wicking clothing and consider bringing cooling wipes to wipe sweat away while leaving cooling moisture behind. Portable shade and a breeze – in the form of umbrellas and mini-fans – also are available for purchase at The Curious Cub gift shop.

Consider the animals — Don’t be disappointed if some of the animals are less active in the heat, or if they are inside cooling off in their indoor housing. For their health, some animals may not be on exhibit — but all the dinosaurs will be!

For more information on Dinosaur Invasion!, please visit The exhibit is open during zoo hours, 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., and is free to zoo members or with paid zoo admission.

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