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There’s always a lot to see at the zoo – but there’s also a lot to learn!

The wildlife education programs that AZA-accredited institutions offer ensure we are going beyond introducing people to different species of animals by also providing important information about their habits and habitats, their status in the wild and the ways people can contribute to saving endangered species from extinction.

I am pleased to announce that we have just introduced two brand new programs – Wild Beginnings for our youngest visitors and Meet a Keeper Mornings for the 21-and-over set.

Wild Beginnings is a program of 45-minute classes tailored just for little ones aged 12 months to 3 years accompanied by an adult. Each themed class includes animal biofacts, nature-themed sensory play, a story and an opportunity to see an animal up close. Young ones will explore with their senses and develop language and motor skills in this early learning adventure.

Meet a Keeper Mornings are a morning version of our evening Adult Twilight programs. This 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. education series offers a unique opportunity for adults over 21 to learn all about our animals in a relaxed setting. Enjoy light refreshments, specialty coffees and mimosas while participating in a class with up-close animal encounters and special keeper chat. Upcoming classes feature our Heritage Breeds of domestic livestock, the reptiles and amphibians in our USS Antiquities cave, birds of prey and our Asian elephant herd.

You can find information about these and many other zoo education programs at I hope you will take full advantage of these wonderful opportunities for lifelong learning that also support wildlife conservation at your zoo!

My Best,

Janet Agostini President + CEO Friends of the Zoo

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