The Rosamond Gifford Zoo recently welcomed two Amur leopards – the most critically endangered felines on the planet – into our care.

Now we need your help to create an environment for these magnificent creatures as we join in saving their species.

Meet Tria

Our new female, Tria, and her twin brother were the first Amur leopard cubs born at the Greenville Zoo in South Carolina April 2018. They were the offspring of Jade, a female from the Potawatomi Zoo in Indiana, and a male, Nelkan, brought in from Germany to diversify the genetics of Amur leopards in human care.

Meet Rafferty

Male Amur Leopard Rafferty was born in February 2018 at Utah’s Hogle Zoo. The name Rafferty means “prosperity.” Rafferty has shown a keen curiousity and a special interest in training sessions with his keepers.
Of  the many species of wild cats in the world, none is scarcer than the Amur leopard.
As few as 65 Amur leopards exist in their native Far East Russia and China.

Amur Leopard Woodland

a new sanctuary for the zoo’s two new Amur leopards that will allow us to care for the most critically endangered species of wild cats.

Amur Leopard Woodlands Conceptual Rendering Syracuse Zoo RGZ

Our Vision

A new outdoor exhibit and indoor night house will transform our former African lion exhibit to serve the needs of Rafferty, Tria and their offspring Milo and Mina.

  • An enhanced and expanded outdoor habitat with a high mesh ceiling will allow our Amur leopards to engage in their natural behaviors of climbing, leaping and roaming vertically as well as horizontally.
  • A grove of trees and lattice of branches and logs, large rocks, a pool and drinking water source will mimic the mountain forest of their home region.
  • Redesigned textured “cliffs” will create a natural setting and movable structures will allow for a changing environment as they would encounter in the wild.
  • Renovated indoor housing will ensure they are comfortable and cared for in all conditions.

Help us help them


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